Are you or your loved ones struggling to adjust to a new country?

They say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. In today’s world, so many families are on the move for professional and personal reasons. How can parents raise balanced children far from their home country and extended family? How can families maintain their heritage while living in different cultural contexts? What are the benefits and disadvantages to raising third culture kids? How can children learn to handle the stress of moving to different schools and countries?

As a fellow expat who has lived in four countries, I understand the struggles of adjusting to a global lifestyle. I have raised two successful, polyglot daughters as a single parent. I can help you and your children tackle some of these questions, and provide support to your family in times of transition.

Help with Developmental and Learning Problems

I have assisted families and children who were struggling with developmental and learning disorders, such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome and attention deficit disorder. These disorders present challenges, but they need not ruin the life of a family. Once learned and mastered, many techniques and coping skills can help manage distraction and hyperactivity, strengthen a child’s ability to focus, and turn impulsivity and chaos into serenity and success. With education, training, and support, you and your children can learn to identify and overcome weaknesses as well as exploit strengths and talents that accompany these conditions.

I have helped adolescents to better manage their identity explorations and feelings of instability during hormonal-driven mood swings, to develop skills for daily living, and to gain a better grasp of who they are and what they want from life. This support has included assistance with developing skills to navigate their transition into independent adulthood; with relationships that come and go in the years between childhood and adulthood; with frameworks to help them make formative decisions.

Individual Therapy

Even within the same family, people cope with transition and uprootedness in different ways. This is why individual therapy sessions can be ideal to help you and your children navigate the wide range of feelings associated with a global lifestyle.  It is never too early to start learning how to manage change. By adapting psychological techniques to children, I can help them strengthen their resilience and build a positive sense of belonging. I can help parents develop the tools needed to find balance in different cultural contexts, which will in turn help them help their children.

Family Therapy

Whether you are moving across the ocean or the city, it can help to have a counseling session with your family to prepare for the stress of transition. By helping you foster an honest discussion with your family, family therapy sessions can help you prepare for your next step in life. Through talk therapy and stress-reducing techniques, a family counseling session can help you address the sadness of leaving a home and saying goodbye to your support network and routine. As we look towards the future together, these sessions can help you adjust to a new life and prepare for a smooth transition to a new culture.


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