Are you struggling to define your purpose or hoping to change professional paths?

What are you going to be when you grow up? No matter what your age is, we all face moments when we struggle with that question, whether we are deciding what to study at university or whether to change careers.

Do you know what your natural talents are? What would you do if money were not an issue? How can you link your job to your life purpose, whether you are looking for your first job or having a career transition?

In today’s changing job markets, where can you find a job that will enable you to live comfortably and keep growing?

Career counseling can help you tackle some of these crucial questions with poise and confidence. Together, we can diminish your negative emotions and doubt by focusing on the future positively.

Individual Consultations

No matter what stage of life you are in, individual career counseling can help you discover your life’s purpose, identify the skills you need to excel, and identify a path that will enable you to develop your natural talents.

In my practice, I have helped support adolescents struggling to define their career orientation and adults in all aspects of career transition. I can help clients to present their strengths and abilities confidently and convincingly during job interviews, to make decisions and action plans, and to reinvent themselves in a retirement with meaning.

Group Workshops

Career counseling can also be done in a group context. I have experience conducting workshops in a variety of international organizations. Through group workshops in a professional setting, I can help your employees think proactively about the next phase of their lives, enhance their employability and develop resilience to cope with life changes.

Past workshop themes have included: Identifying your transferrable skills, Making a Professional Action Plan, CV and LinkedIn Tips, Approaching Interviews with Confidence, and Looking after yourself in a transition period.


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