Are high levels of stress impacting your daily life?
Are you physically and emotionally exhausted?

Are you physically and emotionally exhausted all the time? Have you started to feel cynical and detached from your life? Do you feel pessimism, isolation, and apathy? Are you experiencing high levels of stress that are impacting your daily life? Have your sleeping patterns been affected by anxiety?

If you find identify with any of these symptoms, you might be on the road to burnout. Burnout happens when we work exceptionally long hours, put pressure on ourselves to excel, and ignore our physical and psychological needs in the process. It often happens with high achievers, who neglect work/life balance in favour of an ‘I can do anything’ approach.

Individual Therapy

Seeking psychological support is key to building resilience and avoiding burnout. Whether you are identifying some of these symptoms, or have reached the point of not being able to get out of bed, individual therapy can help you understand why you have pushed yourself to the point of exhaustion.

It can also be a space for deeper self-exploration. Because burnout is linked to perfectionism and feelings of guilt, recovering from burnout requires time. Individual therapy will empower you in this journey of re-evaluating life priorities, reshaping attitudes towards work, developing assertiveness and self-respect, and establishing healthy boundaries.

Stress Management Workshops

If you are concerned that your high-pressure work environment is taking a toll on your staff members, holding a workshop on Stress Management Techniques can be beneficial. If your team has the tools needed to manage stress in their personal and professional lives, they are less likely to embark on the slippery slope towards burnout. My Stress Management Techniques workshop can help facilitate a conversation about work/life balance and office cultures that can create a more harmonious and supportive working environment. These techniques include: mindfulness training, tools to build resilience, as well as communication skills and conflict resolution skills.


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