Are you struggling to handle a crisis?
Do you want to free yourself of past traumas?

Do you find yourself a victim of anxiety when you are reminded of challenging life experiences? Is the emotional baggage that you carry sometimes too heavy to bear? If you could heal your deepest wound, would you be more at peace with life? What would your life look life without fear? How can we turn our misfortune into an empowering experience?

Life does not spare anyone from trauma. From difficult illnesses and challenging childhood experiences to witnessing violence, life can exact a heavy toll on anyone. An unprocessed negative experience can color our emotions for years. Lodged in our primitive brain, it can amplify our stress, trigger fear, and lead to feelings of isolation and hopelessness.

Trauma occurs when stress exceeds our ability to cope with an experience and to process our emotions. However, we are stronger than we think. We survive. We manage. And we can thrive by developing our resilience and processing our past.

Individual Therapy

In my practice, I have worked with all types of clients, from victims of abuse to refugees, from cancer survivors to individuals struggling with a difficult past. Based on your symptoms, we can develop an individual treatment plan based on talk therapy and innovative trauma release techniques, such as Rapid Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR) treatment. By building on your strength, we can create a solid core to help you process difficult memories and change your narrative from victimhood to survival.

Workshops on Trauma and Secondary Trauma

Through my experience working for the United Nations, I have also provided group workshops to staff of international organizations working with conflict. These workshops have helped humanitarian staff, investigators, translators, and counselors handle the effects and secondary trauma. Because so many organizations in The Hague work with conflict and violent crime, it is important to protect your staff by helping them understand the symptoms of secondary trauma, create healthy boundaries, strengthen resilience and achieve a good work/life balance.


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